“The life which is unexamined is not worth Living.” 



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  The Enlightening Profound Wisdom™ seminar  



The Enlightening Profound Wisdom™ seminar has now been postponed at our seminar facility in beautiful historic Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
Good news!!! This seminar can still be booked where you live or ordered on audio cds!!

Seminar Topics:

• Finding your purpose • Process of Effortless Manifestation  

• Prosperity Consciousness  • Maintaining absolute certainty while living in an uncertain world



The World Is Drowning in Information and Starving for Wisdom


Many people today are concerned about their lifestyle. Phrases like, “I’m looking for a better quality of life,” or “I just want to simplify my life,” are now commonplace. It seems the headlong rush for material success and all the trappings of a so-called successful life are not enough. To be truly rich includes not only financial freedom, but also developing rich meaningful relationships, enriching your health, and enjoying a rich balance between your career and personal life.


“Some people enter our lives and leave almost instantly. Others stay, and forge such an impression on our heart and soul, we are changed forever.”   -Author Unknown


 All happy and successful people have certain strategies that determine their fulfillment. The Profound Wisdom™ seminar is the synthesized wisdom and philosophies of the most emotionally fulfilled and spiritually balanced beings on earth. It is designed to teach theirs knowledge so that it integrates into a person’s life, easily and effortlessly.



Learn to tap into the unlimited resources of the universe.


  Being on purpose is living everyday doing what comes naturally and effortlessly. By realizing the governing dynamics affecting our lives, John shares with you how to align your talents with them, to have a life that is effortless and fulfilled.


Your Purpose In Life is not Something You Have to Look For


Anybody can have total fulfillment and abundance in all areas of their life. It is a natural and effortless process.


With knowledge comes absolute certainty. Utilizing the fact that our world is a reflection of what we believe, the understanding of the principles at work take all the anxiety and worry from life and replace it with total certainty. Certainty and purpose come from aligning beliefs and desires with universal laws.

“The Easiest Way to an Effortless Life”


 From personally spending time with enlightened Shamans in far away places and the peak performance coaches of today, John has created an easy formula for success that includes ultimate fulfillment and freedom resulting in effortless manifestation of all of our desires.

‘You are a gift in my Life”

Anthony Robbins – Peak Performance Coach


“I came to Thailand for a vacation and left enlightened.”

Kathleen J . USA


“This seminar has had magical results!”

John B. New Zealand


“John Cox has not only nurtured my physical well-being, but my emotional and spiritual one as well. His approach is truly holistic, enabling me to improve my life over the long term. I’ve enjoyed every session with him. A truly yummy experience!”

Chuti Lynn Tiu – Actress USA


Who: Author, Master Philosopher and President of Wisdom Shop Int.

What: Profound Wisdom™ Seminar - Journey to Fulfillment

When: Set up a seminar in your hometown or book as a keynote speaker.

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Seminar Fee:  100% satisfaction guarantee!

All the proceeds benefit the Baan Somjai Children’s Orphanage Project

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