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Learn Ancient Thai Massage in Thailand where it all began!!! 

 Imagine a unique workshop vacation package that encompasses a personalized Thai Massage Course  plus the unique sights, sounds and  of Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand ... rafting, temples and elephant rides!!


Now teaching Ancient Thai Massage
in Chiang Mai Thailand

   Come learn in beautiful exotic Chiang Mai, Thailand 
and receive

Nuad Bo-Rarn

Ancient Thai Massage Temple Thai Massage Chiang Mai Thailand

  • Deepens Relaxation

  • Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Relieves Pain

  • Assists Postural Alignment

  • Strengthens Internal Organs

  • Releases Points of Blocked Energy

  • Improves Neurological Functioning

  • Promotes Inner Peace and a Quiet Mind

What is Thai Massage? 

Thai massage is an ancient body therapy and healing art that is a vital part of traditional medicine in Thailand. Tradition tells us that it was given to the world by a physician in India who was a contemporary of Buddha. Quite obviously, monks were the first practitioners of this medicine, and the temples or wats, were its home. Although ancient in its practice and history, it is new in the Western World.

How Is It done?

It is performed on a mat on the floor, and the client remains dressed in loose, comfortable clothing.

  • Client remains clean and able to resume normal activities. No oils are used.

  • Client remains clothed. No undressing required.

  • Client is on a mat on the floor. No setup and teardown of massage table.

Who Needs It?

Thai Massage has been used for countless generations to promote wellness and to alleviate distress from illness and aging. It is deeply relaxing and is an antidote for muscular tension, spasm, and stress. It increases range of motion and flexibility which facilitates postural integrity. It also increases energy. Anyone who is faced with the stress and anxiety of daily life in the world we now live can benefit from Thai Massage.

Sports     Thai Massage Position Chiang Mai Thailand

Thai Massage is a must for athletes that need flexibility, balance and timing. From race car drivers and golfers to dancers, Thai Massage delivers a combination of mind and body therapy. Incorporating Hatha yoga and and acupressure, joints and muscles can perform at peak efficiency and through the meditative effect, clarity of the mind is achieved. Thus creating what some would consider an advantage over the competition.

Entertainment Industry

Because of the fact that Thai Massage can be performed anywhere, it is perfect for the entertainment industry. No preparation is required and no oils are used, therefore no shower is needed afterwards. On the set or in the studio, it is perfect for the hurry up and wait scenario. Clients can perform at their best with a clear mind and a totally integrated body.

Instructor background and training

John Cox has been focusing on mind and body medicine for over twenty years. As the son of a pharmacist he realized the limitations of traditional western approaches to health and wellness at an early age. Traveling around the world looking for ways to integrate the mind and body and achieve peak performance in all areas of life, became his ultimate mission. 

John was trained and certified in Thai Massage at The Institute of Thai Massage & The Old Medicine Hospital, as well as studying with the masters in Chiang Mai  who use Thai Massage as a healing medium such as the late Chaiyuth and Khun Poo. John is also licensed and nationally certified as a massage therapist in the United States. 

Up until a few years ago, John worked spreading his knowledge and ability to an elite group of clients in the sports and entertainment fields.  Now John resides in Thailand and travels a few times a year to reach out and share his wisdom and knowledge of both the mind and the body to raise money to support orphanages in Thailand.

Florida license: MA-0025520   National Certification (NCBTMB) #142562-00   NCBTMB CEU provider #401780


Come learn Ancient Thai Massage in exotic Chiang Mai, Thailand!
A portion of the proceeds supports the orphanages of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Come learn AND help the kids!!

Eligibility for Courses.

While it is possible that a background in the realms of healing via touch may be useful, it is by no means essential . We start at the beginning and each aspect of the work is covered thoroughly. The courses are therefore open to both beginners and professionals alike. However, because of the intensity of the courses we would stress that this is not just a holiday course to collect a piece of paper but a serious professional training course.

45.5 Hrs

This unique massage uses yoga postures, light palm and thumb presses along meridian lines, increases flexibility, revitalizes your body's natural energy flow, induces deep relaxation, stretches the muscles and opens the joints. For Nuad Bo-Rarn, loose comfortable clothing is appropriate.

Basic Thai Massage Certification Course
This 7-day basic Thai Massage certification course will cover the basic principles of the art of traditional Thai massage, an ancient form of interactive massage, energy meridian work, and yoga therapy. All participants will be able to perform a basic 1 hour Thai Massage and will receive a Certificate of Completion after the successful completion of the course. This is a professional certification course, accredited by the NCBTMB. Certified massage therapists will earn 4.5 continuing education credits for participation. Check with your accountant because the whole trip might be tax deductible!

Classes will promote the understanding of Thai massage in a holistic context of body, mind, and energy work. All courses will be taught in traditional format. An optional yoga class will be held before class in order to deepen understanding of the roots of the Thai system, as well as to provide balance for the bodywork.

Students will learn the main energy meridians and acupressure points of Thai massage, as well as the intricate joint mobilization and stretching technique that gives this bodywork  the nickname "Thai Yoga Massage." Students will have plenty of time to practice what they have learned 1-on-1 in a supportive environment. No prior massage experience is necessary, although all students must have a willingness to study intensively for the 7-day period.

Our classes are limited to 10 students, in order to provide maximum personalized attention.


You will arrive on a Sunday to get settled in and registered. Classes will be held from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 6:00pm to 9:00pm Monday through Sunday. Free time for meals and tours or relaxation are from 12:30pm to 6:00pm daily. Check out is on the following Monday.

Daily tours available: 

  • Experience an elephant ride and bamboo river rafting trip
  • View the City of Chiang Mai from the majestic mountaintop temple Wat Doi Suthep
  • Relax by a beautiful waterfall and experience the beauty of an orchid farm
  • Explore the underground Chiang Dao shrine cave
  • Soak in the healthy mineral rich water of Mae Sa hot springs

These daily tours run approximately $15.00 and are no longer included in our package so we can bring the costs down for you and so you can decide where to visit based on your own interests. We will arrange the tours for you once you arrive.

Classes and accommodations are at the beautiful Lagoon Lodge Beautiful Laggon Lodge Chiang Mai Thailand Thai Massage


Wat Thailand Thai Massage Chiang Mai Thailand This all inclusive price package includes: one-way airfare from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, tuition for Basic Thai Massage Course, lodging for 8 nights, lunches & full use of resort facilities now for only $695.00!!

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