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Spiritual Christmas Present - The Easiest Way to an Effortless Life

Spiritual Christmas present - Christmas is rapidly approaching and it is time to buy your spiritual friends a gift that they will really appreciate and actually use! This Christmas get them a gift that will last a life time. Give them the spiritual gift of Profound Wisdom. Enlighten them with the 4 distinctions that will make their life the magical and fulfilling one they deserve. "The Easiest Way to an Effortless Life" is a 2cd set recorded in Southeast Asia that teaches the 4 pieces of knowledge and wisdom needed to take life to another level of fulfillment.

Topics covered on this unique spiritual Christmas gift audio program are:

  • How to effortlessly manifest our desires
  • Prosperity consciousness and getting rid of the poor mentality
  • Creating a clear understanding of our unique purpose
  • How to balance spirituality with success

As a Bonus!!!! Not only will you be contributing to the ultimate fulfillment of the person receiving this spiritual gift of Profound Wisdom, but also to homeless children all around Southeast Asia. A portion of the proceeds from this spiritual present is donated to children's homeless shelters.

It is time to make a difference in other people's lives just by purchasing a unique spiritual Christmas present!

Spiritual Christmas Present - The wisdom to have a magical life is right here!

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