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John Cox

Master Philosopher and Professional Speaker and Teacher

John Cox's amazing personal story of triumph will inspire and enlighten you. In April of 1989 he was diagnosed with an "incurable illness- IBD." This happened just months after his best friend suddenly and tragically passed away. During the time of his illness he also experienced the pain of divorce and financial ruin.

Then he put his life back together again by utilizing a unique combination of wisdom he gathered both from his travels to ancient cultures as well as from working with the top peak performance coaches of the West.

With this unique understanding and wisdom it allowed him to overcome his illness, build and sell successful businesses, experience the joy of rewarding and loving relationships and stay in a place of happiness and emotional joy. It also has allowed him to help so many others to achieve their own dreams and desires.

In his much sought-after personal appearances, John Cox shares his secrets of PROFOUND WISDOM, which come from aligning beliefs and desires with universal laws, resulting in total certainty, clear purpose and an overall sense of peace and harmony.

"I feel blessed each time I am able to touch someone's life and show them the simplest way to total joy, unlimited freedom and personal fulfillment."  - John Cox.

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