"You are a gift in my life."

           Anthony Robbins


"Not only has my business thrived after applying the principles you have revealed to me, but my personal life too... I have noticed a distinct change in the way that I look at everyday events and their meaning... It is a gift to be able to bring to light that which we all possess. It is also an even more remarkable gift to be able to be inspired by a caring person such as yourself."

          Natasha Irene
          Peak Models


"I just wanted to take this time to thank you personally for all the coaching and personal training you have provided me... The concepts and ideas that I grasped from our conversations turned fear into power and the results are astounding... Your insight and knowledge of the human mind continues on through me to everyone I meet."

          Craig Duswalt
          Pres./Creative Director
          Green Room Advertising.


"John Cox has not only nurtured my physical well-being, but my emotional and spiritual one as well. His approach is truly holistic, enabling me to improve my life over the long term. I've enjoyed every session with him. A truly yummy experience."

          Chuti Lynn Tiu