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Bug Eye Keychain

Bug Eyes


Express yourself!! When feeling a bit overwhelmed, give this little guy a squeeze!

Help support our favorite orphanages for homeless children here northern Thailand.

The Secret To Happiness, Fulfillment & Prosperity?

Helping Others!!!

Donate now more than $7.00 and receive from Thailand, This Bug Eyed Keychain!

Makes a great gift!!
It will be mailed from Thailand to the USA.

Do not wait any longer to have the life you deserve. If you do the same thing you have always done in the past, your future will be the same as what you are experiencing now. Take some action. Donate now and receive your "Bug Eyed Keychain "

Part of your donation goes towards the support of our favorite orphanage. Thank you for helping some very hungry and neglected homeless children. By donating you have made a difference in the lives of innocent and beautiful children.
Thank you for your contribution and support.