I suffered for a couple of years with the pain and embarrassment of having Crohn's disease before I took charge and became an active participant in my own recovery. I found out what other people had done to recover their own health ( and there were many) and then I researched why they were successful. I wanted to be able to duplicate their success not only in myself, but help to coach others as well. It took plenty of time and effort but I know it was worth it.

One of the things I want to stress is that to have a healthy immune system, which is what keeps everything including microorganisms in the intestine in check, you must be happy. This study is called psychoneuroimmunology. The reason I say this is that if you do something that you think you should do but do not like it, then it probably will not do you much good in the long run. Try to enjoy the process and refine it to meet your tastes. Focus on the result you expect and how that makes you feel. 

Use these suggestions as a guideline. The closer you adhere to them the quicker you will see results. I have seen dramatic turnarounds in as little as one week. Try to stay away from grains and starches as a rule. If you feel like your diet becomes too limited then eat some in moderation after a few days. The key is to become aware of how you react to the sugars in certain foods. Get to know your own body. Then you will automatically stay away knowing that they cause a problem. Also I recommend that you get a vegetable juicer and USE it. It will allow you to get all the nutrients and life force from the food and will give your digestive tract a rest. 

Also you should take a product like DairyEase or Lactaid if you have to consume any dairy products with the exception of yogurt (use non-flavored yogurt only. The rest have sugar).

Some of the things I have seen work such as a low fiber diet and using an artificial sweetener is not what is considered good nutrition for a healthy individual. Please, as you get back to normal, gradually introduce a healthy diet of fiber, organic fruits and vegetables back into your meals and continue to stay away from artificial sweeteners.

Some people look at these guidelines and say that there is nothing left to eat. Well, if all you eat is the questionable foods then maybe that is a clue as to why there is a digestive challenge. The best diet you can have is one of fresh vegetables along with your choice of protein. If you cannot tolerate raw vegetables to start, then steam them to the desired tenderness. If you eat fruit make sure it is on an empty stomach. Otherwise it will ferment in the gut. This is why some otherwise healthy people cannot eat fruit. They eat it as desert and they wonder why they have gas and are bloated.

This might be a good time to talk about research. I am always asked why this information is not widely known and prescribed. My answer is that it is not known by the physicians. "How can that be," you ask? Well, it is a fact that the information on new therapies given to the doctor since he started his practice has come to him by way of the drug companies. They are the ones financing research and sit on the boards deciding where the research money goes. Seventy-five percent of the drugs widely prescribed now were not even on the market 12 years ago. Your doctor does not have the time to do research on his own, so he has to get the information from somewhere.

Unfortunately there is not millions of dollars to be made on patents of the information contained in this letter. So what do you think the attention gets placed on? If you do not think that profit is what motivates people in this time that we live then you need to wake up and smell the coffee (If you drink it donít put milk in it!!).

There is a great story about a very caring doctor standing on the bank of a river. He hears a scream and sees a person crying for help in the river. He jumps in and rescues them and just as he is finished he hears two more screams. He jumps in and rescues them and then hears three more screams for help. He becomes so busy saving lives he never gets the chance to go upstream and see who is throwing them in. Doctors want to help but they have limited information to do so with.

This is a whole other subject that I believe changes are coming to in the future and would love to talk more about. If you are interested, contact me. In the meantime keep your chin up and spread the word.

I hope that this information has been a great help and please keep me informed of your progress. I would love to hear from you. I would love to add you to the list of success stories. I can tell you it has worked for many people including myself, so I know it can work for you too. I have not had to see the doctor for eleven years now and I hope to hear the same from you. Take care of yourself and remember to make your dreams come true.

Note: I have received email from so many people asking questions regarding this information. Please note that for this to work -  ALL, I repeat, ALL the steps -  have to be taken at the same time. If diet is used without supplements, it will not work. And vice versa, supplements will not work if you are constantly feeding bad bacteria. Doing one without the other will not work. This is why most do not get well or stay well. 

So start now and go out and buy the supplements and eliminate as much starches and sugars as possible. It is that easy. Try doing the whole program first. Without doing these at the same time would be like trying to eliminate fleas by washing the dog but not spraying the house or spraying the house but letting the fleas back in by not bathing the dog or washing the bedding, you get the point. This is a waste of time. DO BOTH. I cannot make it more clear than this.

Also I must reinforce how important a positive attitude is. For this I recommend purchasing the audio program "The Easiest Way to an Effortless Life." Buy it, listen to it and live it and it will help to maintain the chemistry in your body that will keep you happy and healthy.  Plus as a bonus, a portion of the proceeds help homeless children in Southeast Asia. 
Click here to order - "The Easiest Way to an Effortless Life" on audio cd.

Good luck and god bless!

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As you can see from the extensive list here, this is a compilation of many documents. It worked for myself as well as many others with IBD. Please consult your doctor before starting any program.


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