cute orphan childrenHelp Me, Help Them 

Did you know only $150.00 can feed a child a whole year?

We are so blessed that we can make a difference in the lives of homeless children.

Imagine what it is like for these children to know that people really care.

 I remember the first time I visited a home for orphaned children that had been abandoned Donationg fodd and clothes by their families. The children ran to me, a stranger and hugged me like I was their only family. It not only broke my heart, but touched me so profoundly that right there I made a decision to do what I can to make a difference in the lives of these children.

The truth is, by myself there is very little I can do. I have never been that good at asking for help. I have always been the one helping others. This time I have to make an exception. Together, you and I can give these children, who are at the age which will determine their beliefs about the world and the people in it, the feeling of hope and caring. These boys and girls, from newborn babies up to six years, are either orphans, children with family problems or abandoned by parents who are either drug addicts or mothers who are prostitutes.

Playing with the kids

These little souls should not need to go to bed hungry or wear clothes that should be thrown away. They deserve more than this. You and I can touch their lives in a way that will really make a difference.

Delivering clothes to orphanage There are many, many organizations that help but only a small percentage of the donations really get to where they are needed. Well, now you will because we are going to build our own orphanage and you can participate our great project.

If you spend time with these children, you too will feel as if they are your own. I do not speak most of their languages but there are some things words are not needed to understand. Just the look in their eyes when I leave breaks my heart. Help me to go back with more than just love for these children. I am asking you to open your hearts and allow me to be your hands to reach out and help us build Baan Somjai (Home of Dreams). With the help of people like you we can take our dream and make it a reality.

Christmas with the   kidsThe amount you donate is up to you. Whatever the amount you give will make a difference. Give the amount that will let go to sleep at night knowing that did what you could.Playing with the kids We will keep you informed with updates of our progress and also let you know of the progress our children and how you have changed their lives.

Most people get caught up in the mundane tasks of everyday life instead of living a life of  connection. Connection and contribution are needed to live an outstanding life. How much more fulfilling would your life be if you take a moment to decide to take action and touch a young soul in need?
The results are guaranteed. Reach out now and make a small difference to humanity.


John Cox
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