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Now you can help our little friends.

Hello, my name is John Cox. We at Wisdom Shop are facing a very big challenge and can use the help of connected and compassionate people.  As you probably already know giving is a key to wealth and happiness. If you would like a little more clarity about the creation of a connection to receiving abundance and all that you desire than I recommend you purchase the audio tape program "The Easiest Way to an Effortless Life". If you already are looking for a way to give your life more meaning and a greater sense of connection then read on.

My past history included a lot of the pains many people experience as they go through life. Mine seemed to all come at the same time though. All at once I had to endure divorce, an incurable disease, and financial devastation. At the time this was the landscape of my existence. Waking into the abyss of this reality wasn't what I had planned for my life, but what pain or suffering ever is planned?

Well not only did I survive this period of my life but I learned some distinctions about the web of life that are profound. Now the focus of my life is about finding peace and helping others. I have been living for the last six years in Thailand trying to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate children living in this country. And thanks to the help of some compassionate people like you we were able to feed a few of the children living in orphanages here. But now it is time for us to step up!

It is time for us to open our own orphanage named Baan Somjai which means the Home of Dreams!

"Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time" Marion Wright Edelman

My name is John Cox and my simple life now is one of teaching and helping the less fortunate. I am only a guide to help others with their challenging situations.

Help us save the little souls who need food, an education and a safe place to live. Let's open our orphanage. It is through people like you that we can make this a reality.

 The ultimate human potential is one of fulfillment. Being fulfilled or fully filled,  is a balance of love, achievement, and contribution. This balance is our true nature. Sometimes our path becomes confusing and our vision cloudy.

Help me make a difference in the lives of homeless children in Chiang Mai. Too many poor children have lost their parents to road accidents, prostitution or AIDS. With your help we can put these kids in a safe environment with good nutrition and a real future.

Become part of our family and you will get personal updates of our progress and personal progress reports on the children. We will keep you informed every step of the way to our goals.

For only $45,000 US Dollars we can:

  • Secure the property to build our children's home, Baan Somjai (Home of Dreams).

  • Construct the buildings to house the kitchen, bedrooms and play study areas.

  • Give the children electricity, running water and nutritious food which some have never had.

  • Hire staff

  • And most of all, give them a loving and nurturing environment.

Our kids

We cannot let beautiful children like her be abandoned when we have the ability to make a difference in their lives.

We are now looking for a location around the city of Chiang Mai. Interested in helping? Contact us.




March 2011 UPDATE!!!!

The Baan Somjai literally translated as 'house of dreams' was born. Baan Somjai is to be an orphanage based in the northern province Chaing Mai in Thailand. The orphanage will cater to the precious children in the province who's parents have been jailed for drug crimes and HIV positive homes. These children are termed the forgotten children.

John has met New Zealander Sian-Pearl Going and told her of his dream and in the normal kiwi way she answered why not and agreed to partner the project and help make the dream a reality.

The orphanage planed to be fully functional late 2010 but fund raising has been slow. We are still trying to create a New Zealand charitable trust to help continue the funding of the project.... we will keep you posted.

Now we need your help with the building process. Please help support the kids.

Donate more than $25.00 to our orphanage and receive your 2 CD set - The Easiest Way to an Effortless Life!

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There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots. The other is wings. Hodding Carter, Jr.

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